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A History of Farming and Brewing

Obscurity Brewing

Our location of Elburn, Illinois has a rich agricultural history dating back to the mid-19th century when German and Irish immigrants settled in the area and started farming. local farmers joined forces to pool their resources and improve their ability to acquire necessary products and expand farming markets.


The original grain facility was built in Elburn and served farmers’ needs until the 1970s, when changes in agriculture led to bigger yields and increased storage requirements. In 1978, a new grain facility was created that still serves the community to this day.

The fertile soil and favorable climate conditions made Elburn ideal for agriculture, and the town quickly became known for its crops of corn, wheat, and barley. The abundance of crops provided the perfect ingredients for brewing beer.

There’s a deep appreciation for the history of the area and we wanted to pay homage to the agricultural heritage. Our brewery pays homage to the historic structures that once thrived in the area. We’re proud to be part of the continuation of the town’s agricultural heritage.

We brew with Midwest love and dedication, starting with the hardworking honey bees that pollinate the wildflowers in our Illinois praries and forests. These bees work tirelessly to gather nectar and turn it into the raw, unprocessed honey that we use in our beer.

By supporting local beekeepers and using only the finest, locally-sourced buckwheat honey, we not only bring you a delicious, unique beer, but also help to support and sustain the hardworking bees that are vital to our local ecosystem.

We started with the goal of creating unique, high-quality beers that pay homage to our community’s rich agricultural history while at the same time, creating a sense of fun and nostalgia around our products. Our focus on using locally sourced ingredients and traditional brewing methods has earned us a reputation for creating truly authentic beers that capture the taste of Elburn, Illinois.



Our mission is to enrich our community as an industry leader that produces world class beer and meads. We aim to forge a new direction on old traditions.

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