What is Obscurity?

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Obscurity Brewing and Craft Mead has been years in the making. Starting as nothing more than an idea; the love for craft beer, the passion for Mead, the childhood memories of eating your favorite bbq, and a want to give back to the community. After opening and operating two Lodi tap houses, the idea of Obscurity slowly started to become a reality. We knew we wanted more than just a brewpub. We wanted to make sure we centered ourselves around the community many of us live in, grew up in, and represented. We decided to open Obscurity in the heart of the oldest part of Elburn. Obscurity is preserving the old Farm Services Offices and Warehouse space right smack dab in the heart of the Agro-district. The name may change but the roots of the building will remain in place. Because we all appreciate and love this community that has been so welcoming to all of us, we will make sure to locally source as much as we can. Even our spent grain will be re-purposed and sent to local farms within the area.


We will be opening up with some great bbq menu items – fresh never frozen, created by an award winning chef, and some outstanding Braggot style beer. The space itself is an open floor plan with lots of communal seating. We believe the best way to enjoy our beer and bbq is with others!


It is our mission and passion to reinvigorate the area. Revitalize some older buildings and give back to the community who has given us so much. Our goal is to one day make Obscurity synonymous with Elburn and show people just how amazing this town really is. We can’t wait for you to bring your family and friends and experience all of the love and passion we’ve put into this project. Thank you for being a part of this wild ride. And as always: